Remember the days when you got a gold star for a job well done?  Wasn’t it amazing the big impact that a tiny gold sticker had on your day?

We want to bring you that feeling of accomplishment and excitement again by giving you an opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

k.o. “Knock-Out” kidz was inspired by green-living with a gut wrenching desire to make a difference.  We provide green-living tips and create fun and functional products that are made of recycled (or recyclable), eco-friendly materials using environmentally friendly processes.  And, every sale supports charities dedicated to children’s education and environmental conservation through our Giving Back program (see for details).

With small changes in your lifestyle, diet, and buying habits, YOU can make a BIG impact to this world in an eco-friendly way.  We are all ambassadors of this planet and connected by how we treat this place…our home.  We need to do everything we can to protect it!   

We want to provide you the BEST eco-friendly products and healthy living advice, tips, and recommendations that WILL contribute to a better planet and a healthier YOU.  Our goal is to build a world-wide community of kids (of all ages) to inspire and motivate others in Fighting For A Greener Planet together!

Thanks and Enjoy,

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