We are inspired by green-living with a gut wrenching desire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  We are dedicated to, creating fun and functional products from recycled (or recyclable) materials using eco-friendly processes and supporting charities committed to children’s education and environmental conservation with every sale.

We strive to provide the very best eco-friendly products and customer care while also seeking to educate and inform others with money saving ideas, healthy living tips, and easy shopping recommendations that will all contribute to a better planet.

Our goal is to build an international community of kids (of all ages) to inspire and motivate others in “Fighting For A Greener Planet” together!

Here are the 7 principles, driving our mission and required in all of our partners to ensure on-going trust and confidence within our community:

     1.   Sustainability

The primary principle of k.o. kidz is to focus on sustainability with EVERY product, process, and activity.

We are all ambassadors of this planet.  It’s our home and we need to do everything we can to protect it.  We strive to seek, partners that share this same belief and alternative methods to reduce our carbon footprint, material waste, and energy usage.

Our products will always be made from recycled (or recyclable), environmentally friendly materials using manufacturing methods that ensure minimal impact on the environment, air quality and noise levels, and recycling of waste materials, wherever possible.

We seek the best manufacturing partners and suppliers as close in proximity as possible to increase efficiencies and lower transportation and natural resource costs.

We choose and encourage the use of ground shipping whenever possible as express air freight can use six times more energy than ground shipping.  We manage shipping as efficiently as possible with our suppliers and our customers by bulk shipping, minimizing the frequency of shipments, and avoiding expedited air methods whenever possible.

     2.   Giving Back

We truly want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE with every product sold.  It’s not a sales pitch.  It is a primary motivator for our business!

k.o. kidz provides our customers the opportunity to buy a product that is good for them, the environment, and their family while also contributing to a worthy charity dedicated to children’s education and environmental conservation.

We also believe it is our corporate responsibility to support our communities and the efforts of our employees with paid charitable service days.  We are passionate about expanding the reach of our mission to worthy organizations and greatly appreciate our customers for providing this opportunity.

     3.   Service

Our Customer Care department is trained for just that – ‘to care about our customers’.  If a customer is unhappy with a purchase or experience with k.o. kidz, it is our responsibility to make it right.  We commit to be respectful, responsive, and rejoiceful in all our communications.  Your feedback allows us an opportunity to listen to our biggest asset, our customers, and continuously improve to serve you!

     4.   Quality

We cannot fulfill our mission without the absolute best in product quality and quality of service.  We strive for excellence in all we do and “good” is simply not good enough.  Our product engineers, employees, suppliers, and partners are all committed and incented to perform at a superior level of performance.  We expect it within k.o. kidz and you can rely on it in our products and service.

     5.   Safety

Every product is guaranteed BPA, lead, phthalate free and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certified.  Additionally, for our food related products, materials have been FDA approved to provide the highest level of assurance for your family and ours.  Our manufacturers also follow strict health, safety, and environmental protocols (EPA and OSHA) to ensure product safety, certifications, and FDA approvals (if applicable).

     6.   Trust

We want to earn it and achieve it every day!

Trust is the foundation of all our relationships.  Without it, we would be unable to perform at a superior level of quality, service, and fun.  We operate within this circle of trust internally and continuously strive to expand this trust one customer at a time.  Trust cannot evolve just from making a simple statement of its necessity-it must be earned.

     7.   Fun

Protecting the planet is serious business but we believe life is best enjoyed while having FUN!  Our products are designed to be fun and functional.  We want them to be enjoyable to own and useful in every day life.  And, if we can make products multi-task for added value, we will!

Live, laugh, love and remember…

We CAN make a difference!