“k.o. kidz is a great resource for healthy food and lifestyle information not only for my son, but also for me!  It is a one-stop shop for tips on green living of all kinds.  I love the message and can’t wait for the products to launch!”   -Mandy, Philadelphia, PA

“k.o. kidz inspires me to try harder and the information expands my awareness.”   -Renee, Northbrook, IL

“With the many sources of dubious environmental and nutritional information in the mainstream media, its really refreshing to find a one stop shop for a variety of trusted sources that tell us the truth.  k.o. kidz really makes me feel like we can wind our way through it all without getting lost, frustrated, or misinformed.  We shouldn’t have to waste so much time just to find out the right thing to do.  k.o. kidz is here to help and a real time saver for families on the go.”   -Ken, Lansing, MI

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