Sustainability is the primary focus for EVERY product, process, and activity at k.o. kidz.

We are all ambassadors of this planet.  It’s our home and we need to do everything we can to protect it.  We strive to seek; partners that share this same belief and alternative methods to reduce our carbon footprint, material waste, and energy usage.

Our products will always be made from recycled (or recyclable), environmentally friendly materials using manufacturing methods that ensure minimal impact on the environment, air quality and noise levels, and recycling of waste materials, wherever possible.

We seek the best manufacturing partners and suppliers as close in proximity as possible to increase efficiencies and lower transportation and natural resource costs.

We choose and encourage the use of ground shipping whenever possible as express air freight can use six times more energy than ground shipping.  We manage shipping as efficiently as possible with our suppliers and our customers by bulk shipping, minimizing the frequency of shipments, and avoiding expedited air methods whenever possible.

Every product is guaranteed BPA, lead, phthalate free and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certified.  Additionally, for our food related products, materials have been FDA approved to provide the highest level of assurance for your family and ours.  Our manufacturers also follow strict health, safety, and environmental protocols (EPA and OSHA) to ensure product safety, certifications, and FDA approvals (if applicable).