It is downright frightening what’s in trick-or-treat candy so before you buy that super-sized bag of artificially flavored and colored candies this Halloween – consider these fun and healthy Halloween treat alternatives!


Seriously, can these be any cuter?  Clementines, mandarins, tangerines, and oranges can be transformed into delicious, mini pumpkins with the help of a black marker.  Great project to do with your kids too.  Crooked smiley faces are fine!


What would Halloween be without chocolate?  Both kids and adults love this one, right?!  So, try to avoid the milk chocolate and preservatives and go for individually wrapped, antioxidant-rich, dark chocolate mini bars sold by Equal Exchange and Endangered Species.

6-HEALTHY-HALLOWEEN-TREATS-THE-KIDS-AND-PLANET-WILL-LOVE|equal-exchange-mini-55-dark-chocolate-bite|ko-ecolifeEqual Exchange minis are still kid ‘taste friendly’ at 55 percent with the cocao and sugar sourced from fairly traded farmer co-ops.  Also, vegan and soy/gluten free! [$38.00 (on sale now for $30.40) for 150 4.5g bars]

Endangered Species6-HEALTHY-HALLOWEEN-TREATS-THE-KIDS-AND-PLANET-WILL-LOVE|endangered-species-bug-bites|ko-ecolife also makes individually wrapped, dark chocolate squares that are .35 oz each and 72% cocao.  Their Organic Bug Bites [$36.60 dark chocolate for 64 pieces] are also certified organic, vegan, and Non-GMO verified and every sale supports wildlife conservation and humanitarian efforts.


Want to clear out your spare change, re-purpose old t-shirts, and create the perfect Halloween treat?  Grab some yarn (or string), worn t-shirts (paper napkins work too!) and your spare change and craft these adorable little ghouls.  Quarters work best for the larger ‘mom and dad’ ghosts and dimes for the ‘kids’.  Cut fabric or paper into circles, place coin in the center, gather with yarn and add eyes with a permanent marker to create an easy ‘treat’ handout or party favor.

FRUITY HARD CANDIES6-HEALTHY-HALLOWEEN-TREATS-THE-KIDS-AND-PLANET-WILL-LOVE|torie-howard-hard-candies-halloween|ko-ecolife6-HEALTHY-HALLOWEEN-TREATS-THE-KIDS-AND-PLANET-WILL-LOVE|torie-howard-hard-candy-bag-halloween|ko-ecolife

The Torie & Howard  candy company features unique, naturally flavored, organic, non-GMO chewie fruities and hard candies.  These include flavors like blood orange & honey, pomegranate & nectarine, pink grapefruit & honey, and pear & cinnamon.  All yummy!  [10oz bag includes 85 wrapped hard candies – available in Whole Foods while supplies last – $5.99-6.99].


If you want to be really scared this Halloween, read the ingredients on those suckers that are handed out freely at your neighborhood restaurant and doctor’s office.  Normally full of artificial colors, flavors and SUGAR, they are a toxic shot to your kiddo’s system.  However, we found YumEarth Organics which 6-HEALTHY-HALLOWEEN-TREATS-THE-KIDS-AND-PLANET-WILL-LOVE|yum-earth-lollipops-halloween|ko-ecolifeoffers individually wrapped, certified organic, real fruit extract, and kosher pops.  They are also free of gluten, tree-nuts, peanuts, GMOs, dairy, soy, and artificial colors/dyes [24-.5oz bags of bats and pumpkins – $8.99 at YumEarth.com.  Receive 15% off using discount code ‘Treat15’.]

6-HEALTHY-HALLOWEEN-TREATS-THE-KIDS-AND-PLANET-WILL-LOVE|min-stamps-dollar-tree|ko-ecolifeA fun alternative to candy — Halloween themed stamps!  The assortment includes pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, and more [variety pack of 8 – $1].  This is also a nice option for the numerous kids with food allergies.  Many other non-food items are also available at Dollar Tree at unbeatable prices!

Make it a ‘Happy’ Halloween with these healthy Halloween treats for all!!

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