3 Easy Ways To Repurpose Dead Flowers

It’s always such a joy to get flowers on a special occasion (or for no reason at all!) but don’t you hate when you have to throw them out!  Well, you don’t have to.  Here are three easy ways to keep those buds alive:


  1. Downsize a bouquet by throwing out any dead flowers, keeping the greens, and re-cutting the stemshow-to-repurpose-dead-flowers|ko-kidz|flowers-bud-vase-bouquet
  2. Place in single bud vases, small jars, or dishes with floating blooms and fresh|ko-kidz|repurpose-flowers-bud-bowls


These can be used throughout your home to brighten any room and the greens can last over a month.  Sometimes the flowers will even begin to root!


  1. Lay your dead flowers on a smooth surface like a baking sheet, newspaper, or counter to dry.  Spacing and air is critical to avoid mold and allow for adequate drying.  Avoid having the flowers touch and keep in a dry, dark, cool, and well-ventilated|ko-kidz|flower-potpourri-essential-oil
  2. Place in a brown bag or glass jar and add essential oil and Orrisroot (best absorbs and holds the fragrance) as|ko-kidz|flower-potpourri-sachets
  3. Shake the container every day for approximately 4-6 weeks to allow the oil to redistribute to all flowers.
  4. Display in decorative dishes, vases, or make sachets to refresh cars, closets, and more.



  1. Take a bouquet BEFORE the flowers are dead and drooping, turn upside down, tie stems with a ribbon and hang from a cabinet handle, hook, or closet|ko-kidz|dried-flower-bouquet
  2. Once upside down, straighten any stems that may be bent from dead flowers buds.  These can often be ‘shaped’ back into straight stems if they aren’t completely dry.
  3. Spray with one coat of hairspray and keep hanging in a dry, dark, cool, airy location for 2-3 days.
  4. Spray daily until completely dry and display in a vase, on a wall, or on a shelf.


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