Containers and packaging make up the largest percentage of landfill waste each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, generating more than 75 million tons (or 30%) of all garbage!  Many of these items can NOT be recycled even though other (sometimes cheaper) options exist for manufacturers to package their goods.

HOW TO STOP THE #1 LARGEST LANDFILL POLLUTANT|stoneground-flakes-back-to-the-roots|the-POWCHTrailblazers like Back to the Roots (BTTR) and Oceans Halo use recyclable and/or compostable packaging for their food products.  BTTR released a 3-ingredient, stone ground cereal last year in a cleverly designed, easy to pour (no liner bag!) box using non-toxic, vegetable ink.

HOW TO STOP THE #1 LARGEST LANDFILL POLLUTANT|halo-chips|the-POWCHHalo’s healthy seaweed chips are made in a certified compostable, bio-based packaging produced by Genpak.  “When we were faced with packaging choices, we were 100-percent committed to choosing compostable bags because it’s the right thing to do,” said Ocean’s Halo co-founder Mike Shim.

So, what can YOU do?

Check for the recycling symbol on packaging before you make a purchase.

One of the simplest actions you can take is to confirm that the containers and packaging of what you buy are actually recyclable.  If not, buy the competitor that does use recyclable packaging.

Don’t be fooled by “organic” food labeling. 

You may think that buying organic is a good thing for your health and the planet, right!?  Well, sadly, many “organic” foods are packaged in bags and wrappers made from non-recyclable plastic and other materials.

HOW TO STOP THE #1 LARGEST LANDFILL POLLUTANT|The-POWCH-green-carabiner2.5 BILLION fruit and veggie puree pouches went into U.S landfills in 2014 even though most advertised as “organic” or “all natural”.  Seems contradictory doesn’t it?  “Buy our all organic, naturally-grown food but don’t even think about recycling the container because we’ve packaged it in a pollutive material that will take 500+ years to degrade”.  Companies like k.o. kidz make a reusable, refillable pouch (The POWCH!) made of a durable BPA/PVC free plastic and soft polyester fabric for on-the-go use and reuse to truly support a ‘green’ and healthy lifestyle.

Numerous frozen fruit and vegetable plastic bags that proudly showed the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) or U.S. Department of Agriculture Organic logo next to the NOT RECYCLABLE packaging symbol.

Make your purchases make a difference. 

When consumers stop buying products because the packaging is too wasteful and pollutive, corporations will make environmental changes.  The way we shop is a powerful tool for change!

If you have a favorite food or product that is made in non-recyclable packaging, CALL THE MANUFACTURER and complain about it.  A simple, “I was wondering if this plastic bag is recyclable?” does the trick.  Most customer service departments track these calls and complaints/concerns.  The more complaints they receive, the more likely the company will listen and make planet responsible changes!

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